When the Black Faery threatens Kira Quinn’s family, Kira must wield ancient magic to defeat her. Killian, Kira’s twin brother, is the most popular kid in school. Killian has everything: a pretty girlfriend, tons of friends… but he lacks the one thing he wants the most: magic. Despite Killian’s anger and jealousy towards his sister, Killian must team up with Kira to protect their mother and the small town of White Haven. The twins will embark on an adventure they have never experienced before. Full of danger and mystery, Kira and Killian’s journey will change them both forever. Will Kira’s magic be enough to defeat the Black Faery?

Release Date: Summer of 2022

Copy of Oh My Ghoul.png

Oh My Ghoul is a work in progress, featuring twelve-year-old Patrick Marsh. He discovers a drum-playing, potato chip loving, ghost in his garage. Things are about to get spooky for Patrick.

Release date: TBD