"Primrose" is a dark and wonderful fantasy about a girl and the demon hiding under her bed.

My rating:

Hamilton created a beautiful and sinister world with her novel Primrose. The tone of the novel reminded me of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. The combination of childlike innocence and darkness weaves a web of fascination. Primrose's journey takes an approach to a dark, modern fairy tale.

"“I don’t want to be rude, but can I ask... what are you? I’ve never seen anything like you before,” Primrose asked. Abatiel studiEventsed her again. They felt they could trust her with thisinformation. “I am a demon.” “A demon. Like from religion?” Primrose asked. “Not really. We existed long before religion..."

Primrose discovers a creature under her bed, unlike anything she has ever seen. The demon is friendly and gentle, taking a much different approach to the "demons" we have come to know from Sunday School. Abatiel becomes Primrose's friend when she needs one most.

"She found a new flame to find Thomas, not for any one person but her family. She wanted everyone to feel whole again and that missing piece was Thomas."

The author does a great job of pacing the story. Primrose never feels sluggish or overworked. As Baby Bear from Goldilocks would say, it is "just right." Following our heroine into the demon world to find her Abatiel and her brother, Thomas, is a frightening idea. Abatiel is amiable, but then not all demons are the same. Primrose must fight to keep her soul and keep the evil demons at bay.

I look forward to reading more from Jade Hamilton in the future. The world she created with Primrose has the potential to carry on in a full series. The book is a refreshing taste of gothic fantasy. I recommend this novel for young adult readers, as well as Middle-Grade readers. Children will love the characters and this little girl's epic journey to and from the darkness.

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