Other Poems of Longing By Juan-Paolo Perre

Updated: Apr 23

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Perre's latest collection of poetry is beautiful and succinct. Perhaps the only downfall of the collection is the repetitive theme of each poem. I felt as though the author put a lot of work into each poem, taking a long hard look at his own thoughts and opinions. My favorite poem was "Calm". The opening line is powerful and grabs the reader's attention immediately: "At dusk today, I felt vanquished." I felt Perre's pain and frustration bleeding from his words. The beauty of the sunset sets the stage for the author's despair.

The collection also uses themes of nature and travel. Many of the poems are inspired by different countries in Europe, providing an adventurous atmosphere. The poem "La Canicule" includes a subtext of Rome in August. Perre writes, "At plain day there is this sun But today, too, a haze." I feel the author's deep connection with nature and the world around him. His nomadic lifestyle shines through his words.

One of my least favorite poems is "Until Seventy Times Seven." The poem focuses on "Googling" things on the internet. While it's clear the poem is about lost love or someone the author is missing desperately, I felt the modern technology used in the poem was off-putting. I would have rather read "I searched", instead of using the brand name of the search engine.

"Other Poems of Longing" offers a window into the extraordinary life of the author. I enjoyed reading and picturing the various landscapes that inspired this collection. Perre is a talented poet, no doubt. His ability to create clear images of his atmosphere and use his feelings to paint a sorrowful picture left me with an ache in my heart. I look forward to reading more of Juan-Paolo Perre's writing in the future, and I recommend this collection to modern poetry lovers.

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