A thrilling book touching on modern times, but in need of more polish

Updated: Apr 23

My rating:

This novella delves into some heavy topics right off the bat. Political issues, civil unrest, and racial inequality are all important themes in this story. The author takes us to a police interview room the morning after violent crimes are committed, where a suspect is grilled by police about his involvement. What I found interesting about the story is the unreliable narrator. Can we trust the main character's memories of the previous night?

The author has a background in law, which is evident in his writing. His superior knowledge of legal matters enhances the story and gives it an authentic feel. I felt as if I were right inside the interview room with the police officer and the main character, Shawn Thomas. Fast-paced and full of twists and turns, the excitement of the story doesn't disappoint.

My only problems with the novella were the grammatical and spelling errors that need correcting, and I also wanted more. I felt the novella could have been developed deeper into a full novel. The characters and plot are fascinating and I want to delve further into the mind of the main character. I also found reading from the narrator's point of view was a bit confusing. Trying to discern reality from fantasy was difficult, though it's obvious that is what the author intended. I felt the idea was great, but the execution needed a little more work.

I commend the author for writing a story reflecting the anguish and frustration of modern times. This is a story that feels like it was ripped from the headlines of the latest news story. Protests and police brutality are issues on everyone's minds these days. Lazarus wants you to think about what is happening in the world. The Interview: Country on Fire will force you to contemplate society's malignancies, while also taking you on a wild ride.

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