Rachel M. Patterson


Born on August 20th, 1986, in Pittsburgh, Rachel grew up reading and writing 24/7. Her interests started with horror, then evolved into poetry and fantasy. She is married and has an 11 -year-old son, named Parker. An animal lover, true crime junkie, and artist, Rachel keeps herself pretty busy. When she isn't writing she is studying for her Masters of Fine Arts, Rachel enjoys painting.

Rachel has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University, and she is currently completing her MFA in Creative Writing. She was a Content Writer and Editor for Coffee House Writers and published poetry in several literary journals. Her first book, Stargazer was published through Amazon and released in March of 2020. A Middle Grade and Young Adult novel are in the works and set for publishing in 2022.

Test Bios:

  1. Rachel M. Patterson is a YA fantasy author with a passion for art. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family.

  2. The author of the novel The Black Faery, Rachel M. Patterson funnels her creativity into art and writing. She loves painting, reading, and lounging with her three lazy cats. When she isn’t idling with her family and her hobbies, Rachel is working hard on her next book: Oh My Ghoul.

  3. Rachel M. Patterson is a YA fantasy author who loves all things literary. is available now on and in stores at. In addition to young adult fiction, Rachel’s poetry has been published in several literary journals, such as, and her book was published in March of 2020. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and English, and she is completing her MFA in Creative Writing. Rachel lives near Pittsburgh with her husband, son, and three crazy cats. Her next book, Oh My Ghoul, will be released next year.